Vladimir Kuznetsov

Front-end developer, solution architect, consultant, speaker at local and international web development conferences.


Consultant, contractor

Self-employed, Oct 2017 — Present

Front-end web Developer

Huntflow, May 2018 — March 2019

  • made the partial transition of the BackboneJS application to Vue.js;
  • was working on a library of the UI components.

Head of Front-end Development

Graph, May 2013 — Sep 2017

  • curated the work of the front-end department (8-10 people);
  • developed JS and CSS style guides for the team;
  • launched VOD and live stream video player with DRM and encryption support (London Live, Sassoon Academy);
  • implemented an interactive map and presentation engine for the TV studio (London Live);
  • launched a massive e-commerce site including SPA for checkout and payment (Graham & Brown);
  • implemented admin interface for the database as a React SPA (Sabic);
  • implemented a search page with the complex facet filters as React SPA (Recommended Agency Register);
  • developed client-side logic for a product suggestion wizard (AEG/Electrolux);
  • implemented a library of the widget with multiple color themes support (Cardiff and Vale College);
  • implemented a WYSIWYG tool to create posters (The Chartered Insurance Institute);
  • curated the implementation of the image processing (Tiger Beer);
  • built a solution to stitch audio and video streams according to a scenario, which scales using Docker (Panadol Buddy Bear).

Front-end web Developer

JBC SoftPlus, Jun 2009 — Jun 2013

  • created a library of control elements, reusable blocks, and forms for Internet Hosting Center;
  • implemented UI of the control panel for the hosting provider, and for several high-load and high-availability entertainment projects;
  • learned and applied the following practices and technologies: responsive design, mobile web development, touch events and gestures, audio and video in the web, search engine optimization, accessibility, HTML5 semantic and microdata markup, automated tests.

Front-end web Developer

Capital-IT, Jul 2007 — May 2009

  • implemented an administrative interface of IPTV system;
  • implemented software for Set-Top-Box as part of the IPTV system;
  • developed a core of “White-label system” for booking hotels.

Awards and certificates

WebHiTech’2010, Best Use of Technology, 3rd place

It was a Wordpress theme for my technical blog. I focused on proper HTML5 semantic and accessibility first while creating the markup.

Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification

I passed the training course and got maximum score.

Agile Days Yekaterinburg, 2010

I passed a set of theory and practice trainings on Agile methodology.

English courses, 2012-2014

I passed pre-intermediate and intermediate level courses.