Vladimir Kuznetsov

Front-end developer, solution architect, consultant, and speaker at local and international web development conferences.


Senior Front-end Developer

Quintegro, Dec 2020 — Present

I joined the team as an external contractor for a project and quickly took the leading roles on many other projects in the company. We make large-scale React SPAs and hybrid applications for several public companies in the USA.

I trained my colleagues to use cutting-edge technologies, libraries, and tools in our daily routine. We introduced and keep using the best practices in the industry like peer code review, style and code listing, and automated build and deployment processes. All these steps help the teams focus on the tasks and deliver high-quality code.

Consultant, contractor

Self-employed, Oct 2017 — Dec 2020

I have successfully built and deployed distributed system showing the current works and issues on the electrical networks for PowerNet Limited (Invercargill, New Zealand) and Network Waitaki Limited (Oamaru, New Zealand). The project let the companies dramatically reduce their paper works and speed up the coordination of field crews.

Also, I have helped various small and medium size teams to initiate and successfully launch React single-page applications.

Front-end Web Developer

Huntflow, May 2018 — March 2019

  • made the partial transition of the BackboneJS application to Vue.js;
  • was working on a library of the UI components.

Head of Front-end Development

Graph, May 2013 — Sep 2017

  • curated the work of the front-end department (8-10 people);
  • developed JS and CSS style guides for the team;
  • launched VOD and live stream video player with DRM and encryption support (London Live, Sassoon Academy);
  • implemented an interactive map and presentation engine for the TV studio (London Live);
  • launched a massive e-commerce site including SPA for checkout and payment (Graham & Brown);
  • implemented admin interface for the database as a React SPA (Sabic);
  • implemented a search page with the complex facet filters as React SPA (Recommended Agency Register);
  • developed client-side logic for a product suggestion wizard (AEG/Electrolux);
  • implemented a library of the widget with multiple color themes support (Cardiff and Vale College);
  • implemented a WYSIWYG tool to create posters (The Chartered Insurance Institute);
  • curated the implementation of the image processing (Tiger Beer);
  • built a solution to stitch audio and video streams according to a scenario, which scales using Docker (Panadol Buddy Bear).

Front-end Web Developer

SoftPlus, Jun 2009 — Jun 2013

  • created a library of control elements, reusable blocks, and forms for the Internet Hosting Center;
  • implemented UI of the control panel for the hosting provider, and for several high-load and high-availability entertainment projects;
  • learned and applied the following practices and technologies: responsive design, mobile web development, touch events and gestures, audio and video in the web, search engine optimization, accessibility, HTML5 semantic and microdata markup, and automated tests.

Front-end Web Developer

Capital-IT, Jul 2007 — May 2009

  • implemented an administrative interface for the IPTV system;
  • implemented software for Set-Top-Box as part of the IPTV system;
  • developed a core of white-label system for booking hotels.

Awards and certificates

WebHiTech’2010, Best Use of Technology, 3rd place

It was a WordPress theme for my technical blog. I focused on proper HTML5 semantics and accessibility first while creating the markup.

Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification

I passed the training course and got a maximum score.

Agile Days Yekaterinburg, 2010

I passed a set of theory and practice training on Agile methodology.

English courses, 2012-2014

I passed pre-intermediate and intermediate-level courses.